Environmental Risk Analysis

Environmental Risk Analysis

Active risk reduction through holistic environmental risk analysis

Success and value of companies and real estate are dependent on a bundle of controlling factors. Our holistic environmental risk analysis observes these interdisciplinary factors. Here the issues environmental law, technology, organization, knowledge of the site and loss potential are incorporated.
Every customer expects for their tasks a meaningful assessment of the target object based on facts. While financers want to know, whether environmental risks can affect the ability to meet principal payments during the repayment term, transaction law firms need, for example, statements about pending costs and required warranties. In contrast, an insurer or industrial broker can expect statements on the necessary coverage amount in case of claim, while the business owner is more interested in compliance or optimal site development.
Our holistic risk analysis provides the answers to these complex issues.

Our important consulting components are:

Environmental risk studies and environmental liability analysis

Environmental liability risks are a result of the complex interaction of technical-organizational processes in a company and its location. Each operational impact on the site via the soil, water and air can give arise to negative consequences for the neighborhood. These are potential third-party damages that the environmental liability analysis systematically identifies.
Our proven set of tools allows us to identify and categorize third-party damages and to evaluate them monetarily. In the process the comprehensive analysis includes dispersion calculations and impact assessments.
The results are a reliable and comprehensive risk profile, action plans for efficient risk reduction and recommendations for risk transfer. For actuarial solutions we also offer suggestions for risk-oriented design of insurance coverage.

Assessment of environmental credit risk

The goal of the accommodation of a loan for a company is to create profitability of the financed company, from which the loan and the interest can be repaid. Any disturbance of the profitability of a company represents an endangerment of the ability to meet principal payments. These disturbances also can be environmentally-induced.
Value adjustments through ecological risks or revenue reduction by the realization of collateral can be prevented with the auditing system “environmental credit risk” of Envi Experts. Our principle is: The environmental risks of the borrower must not become the credit risk of the bank!
We support you by active risk reduction as well as procurement of “good” credit with a differentiated advisory system:

  • In-house, field-proven training program for bank employees
  • Environmental-specific credit analysis of borrowers
  • Regular test audits for determining the actual environmental risk portfolio for mid-term and long-term financing of companies
  • Action planning for borrowers in a crisis
  • Optimized realization through our Environmental Vendor Due Diligence

Sector: Industry

Our important services in the industry sector are environmental due diligence, contaminated sites, demolition, risk analyses, compliance as well as cradle 2 cradle.

Sector: Real Estate

Evaluation and development of real estate through analysis of aerial photographs, location evaluation, contaminated site management as well as the detection and removal of building pollutants.

Sector: Expert

As publicly appointed and sworn expert and/or soil protection experts we will assist you as private expert and in court.

Sector: Research

We help our customers with the implementation of research projects, promote the development of innovative tools and supervise Bachelor- and Master theses.

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