Compliance & Approval Procedures

Compliance and Approval Procedures

We help with approval procedures and support you by the implementation of requirements

The experts of Envi Experts examine your facilities for approval compliance. We help you to keep track of your requirements and to avert subsequent official demands.
The purpose of the approval requirement is to preventively protect the public or the environment from emissions of certain facilities as well as to enable the operator the safe operation of his facility. The operation of facilities subject to authorization without authorization is punishable for the operator. Even the non-implementation of approval requirements can trigger prosecution in case of claims. It should be noted that the crime clearance rate generally lies over 95%. The unlawful operation is economically dangerous in case of claims, since the insurance companies may refuse to cover the damage.
Both facilities that are “only” approved according to building standards and facilities requiring approval according to emission control have to meet extensive environmental requirements at federal and state levels as well as European requirements.
The experts of Envi Experts audit compliance of legal provisions of your production location. The specific need of action can be derived from our detailed expert opinions and audit reports. If necessary, external consultants and specialized lawyers can be meaningfully consulted.
The Envi Experts help you to understand and structure the extensive environmental- and technical regulations, so that you can ensure compliance with your approval requirements and be protected with reliable documentation by an official audit as well as in case of claims. We are pleased to offer you support contracts that will keep you, the operator, always updated of legal changes and ensure you legally compliant operation of your facility.

We offer our customers by approval procedures our long-term experience with handling of approval issues.
In principle, by an immission control approval process, besides pollution control, topics like occupational health and safety, soil- and water protection, nature conservation as well as issues regarding the waste laws and building laws must be observed. Immission control approval processes are often very complex, since all eligible technical environmental protection issues must be examined in the interest of the applicant and the general public. A structured and well-organized application submission sets a positive sign, in order to be able to comply with the planned production goals and start-up dates, otherwise incomplete application documents could lead to considerable procedural delays and consequently to economic damage.  
Typical procedure of an approval process is oriented to the 9th BImSchV (Rules of Procedure on the approval procedure) as well as to the Administrative Procedure Act. Therefore, the following work steps and typical time periods (entries in italics are legal requirements) result for an immission control approval process.




Duration / Date


Prerequisite: Development plan procedure is completed



Preliminary discussion with the approval authority on the overall project and the fundamental aspects of the approval process, the contents and the persons involved as well as possible resistance



Scoping-hearing / discussion with all authorities involved



Application request, evaluation of documents

4-6 weeks


Preparation of application (possible delay due to nature conservation expert report)

min. 10 weeks


Submission of application; written acknowledgment of receipt from the authorities



Examination of completeness by the authorities; information on the further approval process from the authorities

4-6 weeks


Possible subsequent demands for the documents and their procurement by the applicant

4-8 weeks


Substantive investigation of the documents

Parallel: Commissioning of expert report; this is necessary particularly for facilities with hazardous substances, particularly time-critical are nature conservation evaluations

2-4 months


Public announcement of the project (official gazette, internet, local newspaper etc.)

1 week


Public display

Parallel: Participation of other authorities

4 weeks

(4 weeks)


End of the objection period after public display

2 weeks


Examination of objections and statements submitted

Special objections due to title under private law will be processed by taking legal action.

2-4 weeks


Public hearing

After deadline written objection submission / -processing

max. 4 weeks


Preparation of a comprehensive report by the authorities

4 weeks


Evaluation and decision of the authorities

Subsequent demands can be processed by the applicant

4 weeks

max. 3 months


Granting and announcement of approval



In close collaboration with you and the other participating project partners Envi Experts can support you by the assured achievement of the approval.

Sector: Industry

Our important services in the industry sector are environmental due diligence, contaminated sites, demolition, risk analyses, compliance as well as cradle 2 cradle.

Sector: Real Estate

Evaluation and development of real estate through analysis of aerial photographs, location evaluation, contaminated site management as well as the detection and removal of building pollutants.

Sector: Expert

As publicly appointed and sworn expert and/or soil protection experts we will assist you as private expert and in court.

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We help our customers with the implementation of research projects, promote the development of innovative tools and supervise Bachelor- and Master theses.

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